Redshift Premium – Astronomy MacBook iMac Free/ no card

Redshift Premium – Astronomy MacBook iMac Free/ no card

You are lucky is you are reading this and you want to download this APP(Redshift Premium – Astronomy MacBook iMac Free) on your Mac because now the download is for free ! enjoy your download from :-





Investigate space with the different honor winning proficient planetarium programming, Redshift.

View the night sky in unparalleled lucidity, travel directly through our world and past, and take a gander at planets, moons, space rocks, nebulae and other heavenly bodies from short proximity. Investigate the night sky from any coveted perspective on the Earth or from moons and planets, go into the past or into the future and find direct everything about stars, planets and other heavenly bodies – Redshift acquaints you with unlimited potential outcomes on your journey through space.

Watch out for essential heavenly occasions with the assistance of the divine date-book and experience these occasions all the while from alternate points of view. Control your telescope with the assistance of Redshift and plan your sky perceptions utilizing the separately adjustable perception organizer.

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• Comprehensive Planetarium for reasonable constant computation of heavenly collections of our cosmic system as per the most recent research comes about

• Over 2.5 million stars, 1 million intriguing Deep Sky objects, 700,000 little planets, 2,000 known comets, all planets, predominate planets and moons, and also stars with exoplanets and known novae/supernovae

• Impressive 3D-shows from in excess of 100 heavenly questions

• 3D-flights between and around planets, their moons, stars, Deep Sky items, cosmic systems and the Milky Way

• Land on planets and moons, and also getting a perspective of room from their surfaces

• Display of the surface attributes of the Earth’s moon and planets

• Extensive galactic information for each heavenly protest

• Comprehensive dictionary of cosmology

• 25 intelligent guided visits with educational pictures, recordings and activitys

• Solar obscuration maps, and in addition maps of satellite passes

• Sky date-book and exhaustive, adaptable perception organizer

• Telescope controls for all Meade and Celestron telescopes (except for the as of now not openly discharged telescope control “Celestron NexStar Evolution”)

• Simultaneous show of a divine occasion from alternate points of view in the Multi-Window mode

• “On the fly” download of the present Gaia Super-index with one billion stars

• State-of-the-workmanship circle information for satellites, comets and space rocks, and in addition the expansion of new disclosures through the Live-Update work

• Editing apparatus for the manual correction of the databank

• Extensive time interim of 15,000 years (4713 BC to 9999 AD)

• Numerous scenes and sound foundations, and in addition Day/Night mode

• Exact numerical mix of the development of space rocks and comets

• Five base organize frameworks

• Available in the English, French, German and Russian dialects

800x500bb-1-300x188 Redshift Premium  - Astronomy MacBook iMac Free/ no card

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What’s New

Version 1.0.2

Some smaller tweaks and optimizations make the app even better!

Ratings and Reviews

4 out of 5

5 Ratings

Great to finally have an update to Redshift


My exclusive disillusionment, and it is exceptionally minor, is that it does exclude ‘Oumuamua yet. It is conceivable to add new protests this rendition of Redshift, however it doesn’t yet have the fitting parameters to depict this new classification of items, for example, indicating a hyperbolic “circle”.

Refresh: I have seen an indistinguishable issue from another analyst where settings (home area, heavenly body, circle, downloaded objects) are disposed of when the application closes or crashes.

As a minor style issue, please dispose of the sprinkle screen, it is most un-macintosh lik…

Developer Response

Hi Sceadugenga, thank you very much for the feedback. We’ll think about the improvements you suggested. Concerning the settings issue, please contact our support team via…



One thing I need from a program like this is to have the capacity to dump the phony skyline that the software engineers attentively (ha!) give and substitute it something less disagreeable. (As though I need to see the “skyline” of NewYork City each mother truckin’ time I open it.) But think about what — THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO DO THAT to the extent I can tell. I set the inclinations to incorporate an alternate skyline, close the application and revive it, and there’s god forsaken’ NYC once more!!! I took a stab at sparing a document and setting the application to open utilizing that record, yet that didn’t work either.

This program comes up short the most straightforward trial of ease of use. More terrible – there are no menus. Every one of the controls are covered up in cutsey little symbols. Squandered cash…

Developer Response

Dear John-MD, you can without much of a stretch set the application to open utilizing an altered inclinations record: Please go to Configure > Preferences > Startup Sky submenu. Select the ‘Last session’ alternative from that point (rather than the ‘Default’ choice). Presently all settings from your past Redshift session ought to be connected upon the following dispatch of the application. On the off chance that you require some more help with settling the issues you specified, please contact our help group by means of…


Yasser Abdou
I absolutely love it.


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