MARVEL SNAP – Download now for free!

A new card battler for PC and mobile, MARVEL SNAP, brings the Marvel Multiverse to life!

MARVEL SNAP is a unique game adventure that transforms the whole Marvel multiverse into an expeditious and insanely fun card battler. The developers of MARVEL SNAP are Second Dinner and Nuverse. Here, you can create your own Marvel ideal team from a large selection of heroes and villains. Moreover, you can earn countless card art varieties, and enjoy super-charged collectible card games (CCGs).

Screen-Shot-2022-05-22-at-10.55.50-AM-700x699 MARVEL SNAP - Download now for free!

MARVEL SNAP features over 150 legendary Marvel characters. It combines exquisite graphics from the 80-year legacy of Marvel with stunning images to deliver dozens of valued pieces of art. Also, the game adds an option for players to battle for the highest ranks that enables them to “SNAP” up the stakes and double down. This revolutionary mechanic’s mind games and bluffing develop a game, which is absolutely impossible to conquer. Moreover, there is no need to wait around in MARVEL SNAP because each battle lasts an average of 3 minutes. Also, not to forget, the game is absolutely free to play on both PC and mobile!

To get the gist of the game, check out the trailer below.

The combinations of any player’s deck will be almost unlimited as the players are exposed to the entire Marvel multiverse. Not only this but a continual supply of new cards are released on a regular basis. Moreover, with every battle including 3 randomly selected venues with game-changing repercussions, the game makes sure that the players need to be prepared for anything. What’s more? Players never have to play the same game twice, thanks to the game presenting more than 50 locations!