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Fast & Furious Crossroads is a hybrid racing & action-role playing video game based on the Fast & Furious film franchise


Fast & Furious Crossroads for android is set across global locations and features main characters from the Fast & Furious film franchise. The game offers a new storyline and action, with loads of cars. In addition to the single-player mode, which focuses on the story, a multiplayer mode will also be available in the game.

While the majority of Fast & Furious Crossroads is focused on racing, the characters must also defeat enemies and avoid traps by using equipped weapons on their car.

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  3. Negative:12out of 13
  1. TheGamerAug 10, 202080That’s why I mostly love Fast & Furious Crossroads. I do think there’s something questionable about it being a full-price release, and I do think the engaging multiplayer content (which I’ll detail in a separate feature) will likely die on the vine thanks to that. But what’s here is a sumptuous feast for franchise fans and adrenaline junkies alike – more than enough to whet your appetite for next year’s F9.
  2. PlayStation LifeStyleAug 21, 202040The biggest sin that Crossroads commits is being boring; a sad take for a franchise that is definitively not. Whether you like the series or not, you can’t argue that the films are almost always bombastic and entertaining, whereas here it’s just really uninteresting and flat, doing both the Fast and Furious franchise and driving games both a disservice. There are some bad licensed games out there that I could still recommend to the hardcore fans out of love for the series but Fast and Furious Crossroads is so bad that only the absolute die-hard fans will get any enjoyment out of this one. And even then, you may want to strongly reconsider this stain on an otherwise loved franchise.
  3. GameOver.grSep 11, 202040Fast and Furious Crossroads is a disappointing game from an experienced studio like Slightly Mad. Low production values, an absurd driving model and a very short story make it very hard to suggest anyone playing it.
  4. DualShockersAug 17, 202030Fast & Furious Crossroads is like if Hobbs & Shaw was called Orange Julius & Slap Jack.
  5. Games.czSep 2, 202030The creators of Project CARS won’t want to remember this failure. The story in the exact mould of the movies is fine, but the graphics are woeful, the environments aren’t much better, the missions are boring and worst of all, the driving just isn’t fun.
  6. DestructoidAug 25, 202030Crucially, the driving itself just isn’t fun, resulting in a bland experience interchangeable with any other street racing franchise.
  7. Metro GameCentralAug 10, 202020Another deeply disappointing Fast & Furious game that’s all the more upsetting because of the obvious talent it wastes in terms of both developer and cast.

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  1. HobbdogAug 27, 202010I have to say, the first few minutes of my play time weren’t the best. It has the graphics of an early PS3 title, physics that look like they… Expand
  2. EstelinaAug 10, 202010The best game of 2020. Good history, excelent characters and vin diesel is the best actor. GOTY 2020
  3. Jimmie_MCGuffinAug 22, 20205It gets points because it’s actually vin diesel.

    I don’t turn my back on family, and you shouldn’t either.
  4. Ipuy14Aug 15, 20200Game kontol, kontol kontol kontol kontol kontol kontol, sampah, ai gajelas, goblok dah pokoknya, mending duitnya buat gw beli makan

    Anjing emang
  5. PlayerBoy95Sep 14, 20200Garbage as hell, this game belongs to 2005 and 15$ price. Definitely not recommended.
  6. derrpAug 10, 20200would not recommend to my worst enemy!!! should have spent that 60 dollars on drugs or some other ****
  7. AlrojovivoAug 23, 20200No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No por dios NO NO NO !!!!!!!

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ff_crossroads_android_download-1 Fast & Furious Crossroads on Android | Download APK +OBB Playstore.