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On the street and in the stadium, FIFA 21 has more ways to play than ever before.


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A new Agile Dribbling system gives you the means to unleash your creativity in 1-on-1 situations. Use fast footwork, more responsive close control, and new skill moves like the ball roll fake to explode past defenders.More on Agile Dribbling

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In FIFA 21, increased positional awareness elevates footballers’ in-game intelligence to put them in the right place at the right time. See world-class forwards hold their runs in line with the last defender, creative playmakers find space to play through balls, and midfielders shut off passing lanes as players better live up to their real-world understanding of space and time on the pitch.Read Morefifa21-section-bg-agile-dribbling-xl.png.adapt.320w EA SPORTS™ Download FIFA 21 for iOS - APP store


Get more control over your attackers’ movement with more ways to break down the defence in build-up play:


Flick the right stick after triggering a run to take full control over the direction of the runs your teammates make


Flick the right stick to decide where your teammate makes their run after a pass


Press in both sticks to lock to your current player when on the attack.

fifa21-section-bg-agile-dribbling-xl.png.adapt.320w EA SPORTS™ Download FIFA 21 for iOS - APP store


A re-imagined collision system creates smoother player interactions all over the pitch. Key footballing moments like goalmouth scrambles and battles for possession in the midfield will resolve more naturally, resulting in fewer free for alls and less falling over each other when players fight to be the first to the ballfifa21-section-bg-agile-dribbling-xl.png.adapt.320w EA SPORTS™ Download FIFA 21 for iOS - APP store


Updates to the fundamentals of football raise the game all over the pitch.


A more perceptive understanding of space and opposition positioning allows players to play a more intelligent passing game in FIFA 21


A new blocking system creates more balanced outcomes when defenders block shots and crosses


Faster reaction times unlock more responsive players, enabling them to better escape from tight situations when under pressure from opponents


Take full control over headed shots and passes with manual headers that send the ball exactly where you aim

fifa21-section-bg-agile-dribbling-xl.png.adapt.320w EA SPORTS™ Download FIFA 21 for iOS - APP store

FIFA 21 iOS mobile reviews

Go in-depth on the new features with all the details directly from the FIFA 21 development team.

43 GB file size. Ok. Alright. Just give me and my slow Wi-Fi half a year to finish that download. But: Patience is king if you wanna play FIFA early, so after I hacked my neighbor’s much faster Wi-Fi, I hooked the PS4 and FIFA 21 up at our EarlyGame offices.

fifa21-section-bg-agile-dribbling-xl.png.adapt.320w EA SPORTS™ Download FIFA 21 for iOS - APP store

Anyone that’s ever played FIFA, knows what comes first when you boot up the game: EA Sports, it’s in the game. Catchy as ever, and, right on cue, we were in the game just seconds later. FIFA 21 immediately starts you off by making you replay a weird version of either this year’s or last year’s Champions League Final: PSG vs Liverpool. It’s probably because Konami bought the FC Bayern license. But, no matter: As a man with of somewhat French descent, I’m sitting there ready and thinking ‘please let me control PSG, please, pretty, please’ and… sure enough I do. Cool. Pad in hand, I feel right at home despite my long FIFA absence and breeze through the defenders because the game is set to amateur by default- peanuts for a veteran like me. Immediately I notice that the players feel heavier and movement is slower than in previous FIFA entries. In fact, everything seems more… deliberate. Less arcade-y. Until now, I am not sure if the feeling of added weight is a good thing, but it doesn’t stop me from breezing through defenders:

  1. 3DJuegosSep 19, 201985With VOLTA and many minor tweaks and adjustments, FIFA 20 is a really enjoyable football experience.
  2. AtomixSep 24, 201984FIFA 20 is one of the most complete football experiences out there and an unskippable entry for the fans.
  3. IGN ItaliaSep 23, 201984FIFA 20 looks like another step up for the FIFA franchise, even if probably not so wide and brave as we could expect. Anyway, gameplaywise the new physics, the slower pace and a solid 1 on 1 defense open a whole new world in terms of approach and styles of play. The very new game mode Volta brings the street soccer back to videogames and it’s simply a love letter to the spirit of football lived as fun.
  4. LaPS4Oct 6, 201983EA Sports has managed to introduce many new features in FIFA 20, some better than others of course. Similarly, the company’s intention to not fall asleep is appreciated. The great star of this edition is, without a doubt, VOLTA, a football mode in the best FIFA Street style that leaves very good sensations and prepares a field that has never been explored by the saga. Nor should we forget the changes implemented on the field of play, which are several and almost all satisfactory. Putting all this on the table, FIFA 20 is a highly recommended delivery to make time and enjoy a fun game before the big jump to next-generation consoles.
  5. The Games MachineSep 24, 201983FIFA 20 does not change the formula that has led the EA series to excel in the football category for years. The content offer is wide, with a series of (interesting) variants that unfortunately risk falling into oblivion very soon, swallowed up by that bottomless well that meets the name of Ultimate Team. The changes to the game structure do not distort a tried and tested system that is quite spectacular and favors the attack on the defense. The impression is that a bit more courage would be needed to review some mechanics and get rid of some historical problems (for example the speed, both of the maneuvers and some players), even if on the whole gameplay is quite enjoyable.
  6. ForbesSep 23, 201983FIFA 20 is fun, which is the most important thing. The developers in charge of gameplay have done just about all they can do to make this title a joy on the virtual pitch. It’s shortcomings are because of a lack of innovative improvements to core modes. That keeps it as a really good game, but a notch below great.
  7. New Game NetworkOct 7, 201982FIFA 20 brings the franchise back to great form after last year’s minor deviation. It plays a solid game of virtual football, and if you’re mostly focused on online modes, there’s plenty to do. Volta makes for a great addition, and offsets the lack of progress in Career mode.
  8. SpazioGamesSep 24, 201982FIFA 20 is one of the most balanced games in the series to date, and has finally slowed its frantic gameplay down a bit, but is not reinventing any of its modes and core mechanics as it looks like a transition title.
  9. COGconnectedSep 24, 201982For years fans have been yearning for EA to make some much needed changes to their FIFA formula and this year they tried to step outside their comfort zone just a little. Although the game still lacks a real gut punch of a story and there are some weird oversights and glitches throughout, there is a ton of customization and the Volta game mode has injected a fresh new feel to the franchise. Add that to a wide selection of game modes and a better FUT experience than ever before and despite its shortfalls FIFA 20 is definitely one of the better games from the franchise in recent years.

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