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Can you play SUPERHOT on android and iOS for free?Overview.

The SuperHot web game is a free-to-play prototype designed as a demo for the full game,

Super hot android iOs iPhone Gameplay. how des it work ?

In Superhot, time moves slower when the player does not move. The game moves faster when they look around, move or shoot, giving them situational awareness to respond to enemy actions, such as altering their course to avoid the path of oncoming bullets. The game uses a limited palette of colors – whites, blacks, and reds – to aid the player in focusing on key elements.

Superhot sets the player in a minimalistic environment, taking out hostile attackers that are trying to kill them. Weapons picked up by the player have limited ammunition and break easily, requiring the player to rely on defeating enemies to attain new weapons, or making melee kills. Taking a single hit from an enemy bullet kills the player, requiring them to restart the level. Though the game mechanics are typical of most shooters, time only progresses normally when the player moves or fires a gun, otherwise time is slowed; this is described in the game’s tagline “Time Moves Only When You Move”.[1] This gives the player the opportunity to alter their actions as to avoid the path of bullets or to better assess their current situation.

The game originally was a three-level prototype browser game. In expanding to the full game, Superhot Team created a campaign mode across approximately thirty-one levels, estimated to be as long as Portal.[2][3] The full game includes additional weapons, including explosives, melee weapons, and improvised weapons like billiard balls that can be thrown at enemies, and introduces computer opponents that have similar awareness as the player and can dodge the player’s bullets.[4][5] One significant change from the earlier prototype is that the player does not automatically pick up a weapon when they pass over it but must enact a specific control to do so, enabling the player to selectively choose and use weapons, or grab weapons as they fall out of an opponent’s hands.[2] The full game enables the player to jump and as long as the jump button or key is held, the player can slow down time to plan and perform actions, enabling aerial gunplay.[6]

In the last portion of the campaign, the player becomes able to “hotswitch” into an enemy’s body, wherein they take control over the target, with the previous body dying. The manoeuvre allows the player to escape projectiles that are unavoidable, but has a cooldown timer that prevents repeated use, and the new body also drops its weapons upon switching.

In addition to the campaign mode, the full release of Superhot includes an “endless” mode, where the player survives as long as they can against an endless stream of enemies.[6] A “challenge” mode allows players to replay the campaign mode levels but under specific restrictions or requirements, such as completing the level within a limited amount of time or only using a specific type of weapon.[3] The final game includes a replay editor to allow users to prepare clips to share on social media websites.[6]

Superhot VR[edit]

A new set of levels was developed for the virtual reality version of the game. The player’s avatar reacts to the player’s body, head, and hand movements; in keeping with the “time only moves when you move” concept, in-game time only progresses when the player makes deliberate movement with their body; turning their head to assess the situation, or making small twitches to the body do not cause time to progress. The player’s avatar can only move in a small space from their location on the level (mapping to how the player moves around themselves); after defeating a small wave of enemies, they grab onto a virtual object to jump them to a new location within the level. Following the campaign, the player unlocks a similar endless mode as the non-VR title.[7]

Superhot: Mind Control Delete[edit]

A standalone expansion that does not require the main game, Superhot: Mind Control Delete uses roguelike elements. Levels and challenges are procedurally generated. The expansion has the player choose one of several Cores that each have unique abilities, unlocking these based on their progress in the game, and as they complete levels, gain power-ups that allow them to face tougher challenges.[8] Superhot: Mind Control Delete was released into early access in December 2017.[9] The game was released on 16 July 2020. Players who owned the first game before Mind Control Delete came out were given free copies on the release date.[10]

Superhot JP[edit]

A Japanese-themed Superhot title, Superhot JP, is being developed by GameTomo with support of the Superhot developers. It is initially planned for a Japanese release for PlayStation 4 and Windows, but other regions and platforms may follow.[11]


The Superhot narrative works in several metanarrative levels: the player plays a fictionalized version of themselves sitting in front of their DOS prompt, getting a message from their friend who offers them a supposedly leaked copy of a new game called superhot.exe, claiming that the only way to access it is with a crack. Launching the game immediately thrusts the player into a series of seemingly unconnected levels via different points of view, all based around killing hostiles, after which the game glitches out and disconnects.[1] After this crash, the player’s friend sends an updated version of the .exe file, apparently a new version of the game that fixes the “glitches”.

As both the player and their friend play through superhot.exe, it becomes apparent that the player’s presence in the game is monitored by whoever is responsible for the game – referring to itself as a “system” – and demands they cease playing via various methods, such as ominous threats showing the player’s in-game residence, and altering the player’s messages to their friend to urge them to stop playing, eventually harassing the player’s friend into giving up on the game and engineering a fallout with them. As the player goes through more and more levels, each apparently targeting specific locales, the system’s warnings grow more ominous, telling them the player is unaware of the consequences of their actions, eventually forcing the player to walk to their own in-game house and to their in-game player character, a figure wearing VR headgear, and punch themselves into unconsciousness. Upon doing so, the “game” glitches out, and the player character wakes with a severe head injury. Afterward, the system warns the player once again to stop using Superhot, and forces the player to quit the game entirely.

Inevitably, the player will start up Superhot again, and the system concedes to the player’s insistence to keep playing, fully encouraging them to play more and more. Now under the system’s sway, the player begins a rampage through city streets, cutting through enemies to get closer and closer to a massive laboratory that houses the system itself. There, it guides the player into uploading itself into the core as numerous enemies attempt to stop the player. Once done, the player becomes part of the core, joining numerous other minds absorbed by the core itself into a transhuman hivemind. The core forces the player to shoot their original body/player character, finally making them one with Superhot.

Post-credits, the core/hivemind informs the player that they are to spread interest in superhot.exe by recommending it to as many people through social media and Steam reviews, specifically instructing the player to use the words “Superhot is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years!”, the same words the player’s friend used to recommend them the game.

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