Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X

Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X


Pixel Dungeon is an energizing and to a great degree well known roguelike. Investigate the profundities of Pixel Dungeon, gather helpful things and battle wild creatures to discover the Amulet of Yendor (astound!) – a definitive curio of this diversion world!




Is it accurate to say that you are set up for this simple to play yet hard to ace prison crawler?


* Charming pixel-workmanship illustrations and a basic interface that escapes your direction.

* 25 arbitrarily created levels with various settings like sewers, deserted jail, hollows, and so forth so you will feel that each new diversion is extraordinary!

* A misleading prison brimming with threats! Attempt to dodge the concealed traps or falling on lethal gorges. Or on the other hand find the greatest number of chests as you can, brimming with fortunes to utilize or offer!

* An alternate cluster of creatures that will attempt to get a bit of you on each corner, in addition to some greater managers that will endeavor to get a considerably greater piece 😉

* Lots of various things to discover, purchase, offer… counting protective layer, weapons, elixirs, wands, scrolls…

* Various character classes to suit your style of play, from the solid Warrior or the proficient Mage to the subtle Rogue and the capable Huntress. You can practice your character considerably further, on the off chance that you survive sufficiently long 😉

* Enchantments that you’ll need to use on your weapons and covering on the off chance that you need to survive the cell’s unforgiving conditions

* You’ll utilize your speculative chemistry learning to blend uncommon mixtures, enhance the cell’s economy by spending every one of your coins on the shops and manage disagreeable NPCs and their requesting missions

* Lots of different shocks, you’ll have to check the amusement to discover!

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  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X
  • main_menu Download Pixel Dungeon on Mac MacBook OS X

What’s New

Jan 6, 2016

Adaptation 1.9.2

– Improved Catalogus

– Improved tiles

– New Berserker’s liven

– Any wand can be converged with another wand of a similar sort

– Wand Of Flock brings forth less sheep, however they piece observable pathway and live more

– Wand of Avalanche is buffed

– Wand of Firebolt is somewhat nerfed

– Sacrificial stamp gets proliferated on assault

– All crowds on a level get enticed when somebody ventures into conciliatory fire

– More “parchment like” conduct of Scroll of Wipe Out

– Background music issue settled

– Some grammatical errors settled

and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.…

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5

145 Ratings

Excellent Roguelike for iOS.


I am a long-term fanatic of Roguelike diversions for work areas, and I have been searching for a versatile application that catches that sort of experience for a long while. Pixel Dungeon is a standout amongst other I have discovered up until this point. While it fundamentally does not have the profundity and intricacy of a work area rendition, it completes an extraordinary activity of encapsulating the class in a more reduced bundle, with a simple to utilize interface and an extremely difficult level of trouble. Those commentators who grumble that the amusement is excessively troublesome and that it doesn’t give all of you of the gameplay data in advance have clearly overlooked the main issue of this type. Finding the shrouded mysteries and traps of the amusement through various mortifying annihilations is the very heart of Roguelike gameplay. When you at long last beat the amusement, it feels like a genuine achievement. Or if nothing else I expect that it will. I’m on my 49th play, and I simply made it to level 11 and kicked the bucket. Furthermore, that is something to be thankful for…

Excellent Roguelike


Numerous gripe that this diversion is excessively troublesome, yet I feel that is precisely what gives it’s appeal.

The amusement drives you to brainstorm techniques so as to crush foes and cross. It

Isn’t absolutely fortunes based. I beat the principal manager with a knife, utilizing for the most part mixtures and seeds which are EXTREMELY normal. There are different grumbles about the levels being too short. They’re definitely not short in the event that you really set aside the opportunity to investigate them. The amusement is so innovative and simply general epic. Just dissension is to nerf the debase framework and include potentially remarkable adversaries that are once in a while experienced, with their own identification and everything. Include more things, as well. Things are amazing. In the event that you like a test, this amusement is for


Great game, a few tips!


This an a great diversion! I have beaten it a few times and it never gets old! The warrior is the best character in the amusement as I would see it, he is the most effortless! Nourishment gives him wellbeing when eaten and in addition to quality elixirs are as of now recognized! Every mixture on each floor typically has an utilization and additionally keys! Make your level is the same correct number is the floor you are on or higher, in the event that it is low, it will be greatly hard to coordinate against the beasts. The diversion gets troublesome when you move beyond the caverns, I about skirted every one of the floors, well in any event floors 20 + then get to the last supervisor and win! Looks of enchantment mapping help a considerable measure in the very end…


Seller Oleg Dolya
Size 48.4 MB
Category Games


Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Age Rating Rated 9+ for the following:
 Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Copyright © 2012 Oleg Dolya
Price $2.99
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