Download logic pro X for Windows PC EXE file 2019

All the power you need in production. All the creativity you want in music.

Automatically match the timing of your tracks with Smart Tempo.

New plug-ins for advanced reverb, vintage EQs, and creative effects.

Use new Brush Drum Kits and Drummers to add a roots or jazz feel to your tracks.

Logic Remote turns your iOS device into a Multi-Touchmixer, transport control, and touch instrument.


Plug-ins and Sounds.

A massive collection of effects and instruments.

Instant access to a deep selection of plug-ins and sounds to fuel your creativity.

Learn more about plug-ins and sounds

mac-logic-pro-how-to-download-700x467 Download logic pro X for Windows PC EXE file 2019

Download Logic pro X for PC from here:-

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The power of Patches.

The Sound Library includes a massive selection of Patches, which allow you to quickly load complex multichannel sounds. And Smart Controls simplify the process of tweaking and editing to get the right sound.

Jump-start your sound with loops.

Build songs quickly by choosing from over 7000 included royalty-free Apple Loops that are tagged with keywords and automatically conform to the tempo and key of your project. You can even use untagged loops from other sources and they will automatically play at your project tempo.


Smart Tempo.

Keep your tracks in time.

Smart Tempo automatically manages tempo across all the content in your project. Record freely without a click track. Easily combine and edit audio — from vinyl samples to live instruments — regardless of original tempo, variations in speed, or even source.

mac-logic-pro-how-to-download-700x467 Download logic pro X for Windows PC EXE file 2019

Flex Time.
Spend less time on timing.

Quickly manipulate the timing and tempo of your recording with Flex Time. Easily move the individual beats within a waveform to correct drum, vocal, guitar, or any other kind of track without slicing and moving regions.

Flex Pitch.
Perfect the pitch.

Edit the level and pitch of individual notes quickly and easily with Flex Pitch. Roll over any note and all parameters are available for tweaking.

Logic Remote.

Take hold of your music.

Logic Remote wirelessly connects your iOS device to your Mac and adds the power of Multi-Touch control to your performances and mixes. Play any software instrument in Logic Pro X from your iPad Pro, iPad, or iPhone and easily shape your sound as you go. Run your session from wherever you’re most comfortable — whether that’s next to your computer or across the room.

Multi-Touch mixing.

Control your mix from anywhere in the room with Multi-Touch faders to find the best sound.

Pair and play.

Use a variety of onscreen instruments, such as keyboards, guitars, and drum pads, to play any software instrument in Logic Pro X from your iPad.


Don’t just add a drum track. Add a bandmate.

Using Drummer is like hiring a session drummer or collaborating with a highly skilled beat programmer. Create organic-sounding acoustic drum tracks or electronic beats with the intelligent technology of Drummer. Choose from dozens of drummers who each play in a different musical genre, and direct their performances using simple controls.

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