Download Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on Android


Nathan Woodbury:
If you’re getting a D&D video game, Neverwinter is a million times more fun. DA Combat is clunky, player characters’ health bars are made out of glass, animations are way too long in executing the designated action (e.g. health potions take a good 5 second cycle to animate & you don’t get the benefits of the action unless the animation concludes, meaning when you need health the most, it’s nowhere close to on-demand, and chances are good you’re dead before the potion bottle hits your character’s

Jonathan Pollinger
I wouldn’t get too scared off by the reviews. Most of them are from people who literally played the game for less than an hour on the first day it came out. No way they could possibly comment on much with any real accuracy. If you want top tier graphics, this ain’t it. It’s passable but nothing eye popping. The gameplay itself isn’t really the problem, I suspect it’s the type of gameplay that bothers people. Folks hear D&D and expect Dragon Age Origins level RPG depth.

TLDR: buggy mess with combat that is VERY stiff and unintuitive.
It’s as if they are trying to mix Dark Souls, Left for Dead and Vermintide together except it’s not fun, difficulty scales insane and you don’t get AI companions. Probably the most annoying thing for me at this point is gameplay feels SO sluggish. Once you start an attack animation, you are LOCKED into it. There is no cancel for situations such as if you see several enemies attacking who hit you one after another.

Christian Carrasquillo
TL;DR The combat is clunky and horrible for a hack and slash action game. AI is bad. The game can get repetitive after a while. Everything else is great. Music, voice acting, levels, loot, story, visuals, etc. The game would have been a success had they nailed what matters the most in this game genre: the combat. The game fails where it matters the most. After a few hours in, you can already see the problems. The combat is clunky.