Download Celeste Game APK for Android

Download Celeste Game APK for Android

Celeste is a platformingvideo game by Canadian video game developers Matt Thorson and Noel Berry. The game was originally created as a prototype in four days during a game jam, and later expanded into a full release. Celeste was released in January 2018





Enable Madeline to survive her internal evil presences on her adventure to the highest point of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight, hand-made platformer from the makers of multiplayer exemplary TowerFall.

mountain Download Celeste Game APK for Android
An account driven, single-player experience like mother used to make, with an enchanting cast of characters and a touching story of self-revelation

An enormous mountain abounding with 700+ screens of bad-to-the-bone platforming challenges and mischievous insider facts

Severe B-side sections to open, worked for just the most valiant mountain climbers

IGF “Brilliance in Audio” finalist, with more than 2 hours of unique music drove by amazing live piano and appealing synth beats



The controls are basic and open – essentially hop, air-dash, and climb – yet with layers of expressive profundity to ace, where each demise is a lesson. Exceptionally quick respawns keep you moving as you reveal the secrets of the mountain and overcome its numerous dangers.

This is it, Madeline. Simply relax. You can do this.

mountain Download Celeste Game APK for Android

mountain Download Celeste Game APK for Android

Celeste is a stage diversion in which players control a young lady named Madeline as she advances up a mountain while keeping away from different fatal deterrents. Alongside bouncing and moving up dividers for a restricted measure of time, Madeline can play out a mid-air dash toward any path. This move must be performed once and must be renewed by either arriving on the ground or hitting certain articles, for example, recharging gems. All through each level, the player will experience extra mechanics, for example, springs that dispatch the player or plumes that permit brief flight, and dangerous questions, for example, spikes which will return Madeline to the beginning of an area in the event that she passes on. Covered up all through each level are discretionary strawberries, got through testing platforming or perplex unraveling areas, which marginally influence the diversion’s closure contingent upon what number of are gathered. Moreover, there are tape tapes which open harder “B-Side” varieties of specific levels, and hearts used to get to post-amusement content. The first Celeste Classic Pico-8 model can likewise be found as a shrouded mini game.


mountain Download Celeste Game APK for Android
Developer(s) Matt Makes Games
Publisher(s) Matt Makes Games
Director(s) Matt Thorson
Designer(s) Matt Thorson
Programmer(s) Noel Berry
  • Amora Bettany
  • Pedro Medeiros
  • Gabby DaRienzo
Writer(s) Matt Thorson
Composer(s) Lena Raine
Engine MonoGame
Release January 25, 2018
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player




Celeste is a diversion about beating your slip-ups. Literally. You will kick the bucket around a thousand times previously you achieve the highest point of the main mountain.

It is the most recent passage in the masocore classification, which comprises of recreations that vibe, at to start with, difficult to wrap up. These are where you kick the bucket, and bite the dust and pass on once more, endeavoring to nail a solitary inept bounce. Super Meat Boy, Spelunky and Trials are the absolute most surely understood of these diversions.

While Celeste was fermented from a similar cauldron, it’s to a greater degree a portal sedate than the hard stuff. It’s shockingly sweet, heartfelt and respecting, its inspiring story tenderly spurring you starting with one precarious stage then onto the next. For one of the slightest player-accommodating classifications around, Celeste is an impeccable presentation.

Be that as it may, exactly when you think you’ve aced it, you’ll get yourself strongly lowered.

mountain Download Celeste Game APK for AndroidMattMakes Games

Celeste’s profundity isn’t quickly self-evident. It’s a 2D platformer; you run, hop, climb dividers and air-dash. That is it. You’re not going to get things, redesigning details or discovering ensembles that enable you to fly or spit fireballs. You may discover strawberries, yet those are only for noms (which is to state, they fill no more prominent need than enticing you to perform non-obligatory difficulties generously sprinkled onto each stage).

So how does an amusement with such basic controls look after intrigue? For one, your general surroundings, the eponymous mountain, is loaded with an assortment of regions and items that put a turn on your apparently constrained arrangement of moves.


At an opportune time you’ll investigate a deserted city, a disintegrating manor and a spooky resort, each with its own particular natural mechanics to ace. The city, for instance, has moving stages that can dispatch you crosswise over abysses, while the inn presents dangerous toxin that coats the floors you’ve just strolled, making retreat a no-no. Similarly as with any incredible platformer, these mechanics return all through Celeste, getting to be interwoven with other, more perilous traps.

The platforming itself feels firm and predictable, which is compulsory in a diversion like this, where each demise should feel earned as opposed to constrained. As you float through the air, barely evading spikes or magma streams, you’ll feel in total control of the circumstance. Subsequently, in the event that you pass on, it’s on you.




mountain Download Celeste Game APK for Android

Enable Madeline to survive her inward evil presences on her voyage to the highest point of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight platformer from the makers of TowerFall. Overcome several hand-created challenges, reveal naughty insider facts, and sort out the puzzle of the mountain.


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Overwhelmingly Positive (1,850)

Discharge DATE:

25 Jan, 2018


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