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Among Us for mac is an online multiplayer social deduction game, developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting where players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. The goal for the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map, and the Impostors’ goal is to kill the Crewmates without being identified.

While initially released in 2018 to little mainstream attention, it received an influx of popularity in 2020 due to many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it. In response to the game’s popularity, a sequel, Among Us 2, was announced in 2020.

Gameplay Among us for MACBOOK AND iMAC

An Impostor (white) has killed a Crewmate (blue), with another player (pink) having witnessed the murder. Either of the two living players may report the corpse.

Among Us for mac is a multiplayer game, supporting 4–10 players. 1–3 of these players are randomly selected each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. The game can take place on one of three maps: a spaceship (The Skeld), a headquarters building (Mira HQ), or a planet base (Polus).[1] Crewmates are given tasks to complete around the map in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines. Impostors are given a fake list of tasks in order to blend in with Crewmates and have the ability to sabotage the map’s systems, traverse vents, identify any other Impostors, and murder Crewmates. If a player dies, they become a ghost; ghosts have the ability to pass through walls, but can only interact with the world in limited ways and are invisible to everyone except other ghosts. All players, aside from ghosts,[14] have a limited cone of vision, which allows for players to hide from view of other players despite the game’s top-down perspective.

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The Crewmates win by completing all tasks before being murdered or by finding and eliminating all the Impostors; for the Impostors to win, they must kill enough Crewmates such that the number of Impostor(s) is equal to the number of Crewmate(s) or have a sabotage countdown run out; the goal of ghosts is to help their living teammates by completing tasks and performing sabotages for Crewmate and Impostor ghosts, respectively. When an Impostor performs a sabotage, there is either an immediate consequence (such as all the lights being turned off) or a countdown will begin, and the sabotage must be resolved before it finishes, or else all the Crewmates will die. Sabotages can be resolved by players in varying ways depending on which sabotage is done.

If a player finds a dead body, they can report it, which will lead to a group meeting where all other gameplay is halted and players discuss who they believe an Impostor is based on the evidence surrounding the murder. If a plurality vote is reached, the chosen person is ejected from the map and dies. Players may also call an “emergency meeting” by pressing a button in the map at any time. The game is played in a text chat, wherein players can only communicate during meetings, and only if they are alive, although ghosts can speak with each other. Although the game does not have a built-in voice chat system, it is common for players to use external programs such as Discord while playing. Various customization options to aspects of gameplay, such as vision range and emergency meetings, are available in each game’s lobby. There are also many cosmetic options, including spacesuit colors, skins, hats, and pets, some of which are paid downloadable content.

steam_AboutBanner Download Among Us for MacBook iMac | MAC OS| Appstore | play among us online MAC!

DeveloperInnerSlothTrendingInitial release date: June 15, 2018PublisherInnerSlothEngineUnityPlatforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft WindowsGenres: Party game, Survival game.


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  1. TheGamerSep 16, 202080You will lose all of your friends playing this game. Learning how to become a compelling liar is necessary to winning as the imposter, and sometimes that means showing a side of yourself that others haven’t seen before. If you’re too good at it, they’ll never trust you again… but in Among Us, that’s all part of the plan.


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  1. JcZSep 20, 202010Juego del año gente
    Buenardo para jugar con amigos en discord
    Y que diga q no chingue a su madre
  2. nechashkaSep 16, 202010I love this game because I love the concept of the Mafia game. She is also funny and interesting.
  3. Rakigu_MakaeJun 26, 202010People keep playing Werewolf Online while it sucks to play online. Among Us suits better.
  4. EkzpectadoorSep 17, 20209Es de lo más divertido jugando con amigos y lo es aún jugando con randoms, le falta un poco de contenido pero es entendible en un juego hecho… Expand
  5. HENOOBSep 10, 20208Among us is a good game with really good mechanics and game design, but is highly recommended to play with friends
  6. nitoritaSep 18, 20207A friend of mine gifted me copy of Among Us to try out. It is essentially an online whodunnit party game, and I personally quite like the… Expand
  7. DavidSXSep 14, 20200Solo es bueno cuando jugas con amigos y si son más de 8 por lo menos y no siempre hay 8 para jugar y si juegas con extraños es aburrido.

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